Say Yes to Kindness

On Wednesday we did our usual rush to football. My aim is aways to grab a coffee to sip whilst fielding Charlie as Oscar plays football. Time slips away at home and I always cast an eye into Costa to survey the queue. If it’s too busy, we dash on. If there’s no queue, it’s... Continue Reading →

Find Your Flow 

You know that feeling when you are so immersed and absorbed in something that time slips away? I LOVED making this wreath yesterday at @alsohomeuk With @ladylissy_floristry . I found it so therapeutic (despite some minor..ahem, frustration when it wasn’t turning out EXACTLY like the picture in my head…damn perfectionism…anyway..), and it struck me how... Continue Reading →

Give Yourself Permission 

🚫🚫NO!!!🚫🚫 This term is batted around so generously. Yes, of course, recognise moments for their worth and enjoy them if you can. But, life can be shit. Days can be long. Tears can be plentiful and salty. Curve balls, words, moods, drama, trauma, tantrums, bad news, tantrums…happen. You can feel like you've been depleted of the... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

Today I’m using someone else words because I stumbled across them on @mothers quite profound. You know when something leaps out and hits you in the face as it was EXACTLY what you needed to read in that very moment? It’s describing my current feeling in a little square of words. It’s so encouraging when... Continue Reading →

Question the ‘Should’

I bet you slip the word ‘should’ into your vocabulary all the time. ‘I really should…’ or ‘I shouldn’t..’ Every time we do this, we are are trying to keep ourselves in check, telling ourselves we ‘should’ feel guilty if we don’t do what we feel we ‘should’ do. It’s an opportunity to conform to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Fooled

It’s in our nature to present the best bits of our homes, faces; relationships, lives, children. I mean, why wouldn’t we! We KNOW that they are the best bits, we know that there are messy piles out of shot, that the momentary smile has been the only one in the day amidst the grumpy whining,... Continue Reading →

Make it Real 

Find something you love, and find a way to do it. Even in a small way. Make space for the things you enjoy, and make time to invest in making some of your thoughts and daydreams into something real. Whether it's signing up to a class, changing job, or getting creative in the evening with... Continue Reading →

Dial Up 

Call someone who knows and loves you. Having a tough day? Chat to someone. As a Psychotherapist I say this ALL the time to clients but today I’ve experienced again WHY it's so important, no, VITAL to good mental health. I’ve had a challenging week, emotionally and mentally. I’ve reached limits and pushed beyond them... Continue Reading →


Some days, we breeze through until we fall into bed tired and content. Some days feel like trudging through sticky treacle, every step requiring strength and muscle, and we fall into bed surprised that we made it through.Some people have more treacle days than others, for some, they are few and far between. Some treacle... Continue Reading →

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