Snuggle Up

Theres something I love about these dark evenings and cold nights. It encourages you to snuggle up in dressing gowns, slippers and throws. There’s something permissive about the darkness, a type of hibernation drawing us away from the bustle of life, into the containment of layers and the confinement of armchairs. We’re a culture of overload. Sensory overload, digital overload, information overload. Nature is calling us to rest. Snuggling up is about slowing down, listening to your body, switching off. It’s therapy. It’s acceptance of your own needs to Just. Stop.

I treated myself to the snuggliest of throws at @alsohome . It felt like an extravagant gift to myself in order to actively embrace the art of getting cosy. In order to be proactive in the switching off and the winding down.

So, take time this week to snuggle up. Make a hot cup of something delicious (my current evening favourite is Dr Stuarts Valerian makes me so restful and sleepy), light a candle, get your dressing gown on, and leave your phone in another room.

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